Saturday, January 1, 2011

gettin' senti happy new years

Mom Dad love you both.. and though i am always always biased towards mom, who i think is my religion, papa u are my other pillar..

Both my sisters, Niharika di and Shilpa Didi - you have no idea how much i love you..u are my angels.. my eyes... my hands..i run to u wen nothing works.. and you become the antidotes to all of my worries.. it’s simply amazing.. you’re my lifelines and I know how strong our ties are and have always been. We are oh-so-different, but then an oh-so-great way..  

Hina, thanks bud.. for always being u..u are my soul-bud..‘meet-cute’..thats who we are

Navin, thanks to you too.. you've been there and i am grateful .. have learnt a lot from you :)

And to Saurabh, Rohit and Kuber.. You guys rock. I love you for always taking care of me..or seemingly so, extending your warmth and care.. it really means a lot.. you all deserve a chapter each! But just combining it allll in one bigg huggg for each of you..

And lastly to Sir and Sid J..the best best best two persons my sisters got married to…I just hope our family is third time lucky! :) And especially thanks to Sir, who I have known since..wat? always? :) you don’t know but happen to be my favourite person on earth! And Sid J, I simply wish you had a younger brother! :P

And now! to my beeeeloved animal kingdom! Jimmy & Panther, Cyrus, Maxie, Rabbit, my first pets: my two cats, my new cat 'Kali Billy' and two her little kittens- some of you are there with me and some are not there anymore.. I have loved you all a lot.. ok, the cat family is a new entry.. but you ALL make me your presence and in your memories..and so here is to you folks :) raise ur milk cups! cheers my darlings.. 

Happy New Year

PS: just getting very senti here at 2 o'clock on a brand new years night (who am I kidding I had a horrible 2010) But i'm allowed that much, right? I only had 3 breezers. And before I start thanking all my books.. lemme stop in my tracks and turn to me.

To Neha, my self - love your self gurl..learn to love and forgive yourself more.. “i will i will” :) hic hic


Miss u buddy

lv u panther.. miss u baby.. its the first day of the new year.. i miss u.. i miss u a lot