Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bad Science - Ben Goldacre

Read it on the flight back from Kalimpong. P made me read and I had nothing else to read. A couple of chapters are interesting in an informative way. I hear it is a best seller but the condescending manner it is written made it hard to bear. 

The Sign of Four - Sherlock Holmes

Picked it up from the home stay we stayed at in Kalimpong. Sherlock all the way. Nothing spectacular but you want to have read all of Holmes, no?

Libaas (Screenplay) -Gulazar

Read this on the flight to Kalimpong a week back. A neat one hour read. There was no need for the author to call it Libaas.. found it progressive in some sense but even the progressiveness seemed to be interwoven in a web of patriarchy.