Saturday, May 21, 2011

rain writes a delhi morning :D

I woke up today to the sound of clitter-clatter-wham-boom-bam.. there was a windstorm about and random things were coming off people's rooftops.. some doors were left open and were hitting against the wall making all the noise. Still sleepy though, I went upstairs to the rooftop and was thankful the strong winds didn't whisk me off...  There was that fantastic refreshing morning chill that gave me the goosebumps. As I shifted my gaze up towards the clouds, down came little droplets of rain. As the propensity of rain increased so did the air current. Heavy diagonal rain fell all across tapping the ground and swooshed with a gush of strong winds. Standing in a comparatively drier spot, I began to shiver. And cz my dry haven was not a dry haven anymore..I thought it best to rush downstairs before the rain got me totally. I helped me with a cup of steaming chai and say by the rain drinking it and skimming through the papers. Such mornings make one wanna write. Gosh, how I miss it. The fact that I hardly got 4 hours of sleep notwithstanding. 

I wish I were in college today for the greens and the red brick buildings that make time stop. You go into a frenzy inside of you! But college is at its end (last exam to go now) and the future is unknown. As I say this I steer me away from all of that. :) and drive me back to the mausam and morning showers!

PS: nothing beats a good delhi rain - makes you love even your frosty eyed-nosed-lipsed neighbors!