Monday, September 2, 2013


I just posted a belated post. Realized I do not like to write this way. And while some may feel my earlier style of writing was more about myself, the latter is downright 'updatesy'. The way these latter posts sound, I feel trapped in myself. 

Not for me writing about the daily drudgery. It seems simplistic. As if I am hiding something. What do I have to hide? And why should I write for others to read? Do I have to? Ugggh. Okay, sulker, I will have to look for a path in-between the two. I would write of facts but I would write the way I please. I am not a happy-happy character - cheering all the time. If anything, it is the 'super happy' folk that annoy me most. This is not to say I sit gloomy in a corner, for I don't. I know what humour is and I give it its due, perhaps more than most. But sounding happy has nothing to do with being happy or being in good humour. Good humour comes and goes, these forever happy, chatty, bubbly people spoil it.

It is Monday and I am up since long. The fever only got worse after Friday. The plan is to visit a doctor before work. There is so much in my head I want to write about but for now must go see the doc.