Monday, October 31, 2011


I met the stranger again today. He is strange. Not in a stranger sort of a way. But in a diabolic, intelligent, cunning, smiling, unpredictable sort of a manner. He kept his hand around my shoulder, I shirked it away instantly. My intuition was so strong that I half ran out on him but he convinced me into having coffee. I said to him on face that I sensed something wrong and that I should be going. That I have a weird feeling and that it was quite strong. But he convinced me somehow, patiently asking me to sit and have cup of coffee at a regular coffee shop. I somehow had to agree. We paid for our own coffee. I was so wary that I gulped down my coffee without sugar. Didn't wanna go a-lookin' for sugar sachets in the coffee house with him about. He was strange that man. His eyes were nothing but a wall. Depthless and small, they smacked of a sharp mind. A mind that knew its way around and was smiling nonetheless. Now that I think of it, a chill runs down my spine, for eyes reveal it all and what the eyes can't tell, the smile does. His was a smile that didn't really beam but assessed. A smile that implored, begged to be believed and be agreed to. A smile which was otherwise quite ordinary.

By Jove, I have never been as frightened in the mind as I was today.

The conversation over coffee was genial and calm or may be it was the caffeine. We talked of books, family, my country, his country, his childhood, psychology, philosophy, words and our own hollowed wisdom. Every now and then he would say something weird, every now and then I would steer the conversation on to other topics or put it down to my being a foreigner. He said he was a writer. Writes on travel and leisure. I am not too sure. I don't know why. I doubt if his name was really his own. He talked at length about a book that was his favorite. A book that changed his life. I checked it up just now while writing this.

There is no 'book' by that name. There are other things though.

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