Friday, June 17, 2011

of broken ankles, unintended rhymes and puns

I'm holding on, and i'm holding fast..
Trying to capture your downward glance
the trance the purpose might not last
but the spell the jinx has been cast

i have no idea from where these lines popped into my head..lead by
need to rhyme i guess.

I broke my ankle a few days back. Bad. Too bad. Was jumping and happy
about the late night rain 2 days back.. thought I will go to the
rooftop and get wet but before I could as much as get one strand of
hair wet, I fell from the stairs with a ''thudd'' and my ankle ...well
let's say i heard a loud 'crackk' and I knew it was big. The swelling
took shape of a golf ball inside my ankle..the pain was enormous and
everything went dizzy, I held on to the railing and called out to my
mom..crying and howling i was lifted back to my room. Ice cubes were
rubbed on the swollen ankle but ultimately we had to go to doc so late
at night, got x-ray done and got plaster around my foot. The only good
thing about the whole incident, was the color of the plaster - a
bright and lively pink.

I had an exam the day after because of which panic struck. Anyway, I
went and took the exam, broken foot or not.

So, that's that. As usual humour makes it better but I hate to be
dependent, I hate to ask for things cz i cant get up, I hate to be
served  meals in the bed room and I hate not to be able to go for a
walk (even indoors)..but on the brighter note, I am fine. The ligament
fracture and muscle tear would be ok in 3 weeks time. I got 3
different tests to take in this time.. and i hope to get some sympathy
marks. :P

Now that I can't go anywhere all my attention is focussed on - of
course- food. I dream of banana cake and chilly potatoes. aah.

Hey did I tell you.. a few days back I went ahead with my
cook-wish-list and made choco-coffee cake and man, was it
finger-lickin delicious! My stomach churns when I think of it. ;) too
bad I can't make it again for nearly 3 weeks. But then on a devilish
note I think I will..with a little help I will.

Chalo, my lunch is waiting for me.. it rained awesome today..
* happened on a similar night* ;) the fall! (pun
unintended) ;)