Monday, May 2, 2011

:( wish u wr here

I just closed my eyes and imagined i ws stroking ur head. And a smile broke js when i thought i might cry. Its late into the night and it struck me you aren't around. Sometimes i look about my feet instinctively being careful lest i should step on your foot or smthin. Miss u my darling..nothing nothin nothin can ever make me happier than having you back with me. I dont let me think usually. But I miss you my buddy, my best friend, my baby. The smile has turned into an effort to stop d tears and as a droplet emerges from my eye..I only wish these memories of you wud never fade.. When i close my eyes and imagine running my hand through your hair..its seems real..and I am thankful that i could feel it again, but also afraid of time passin by..and the memories fading away .. I always want to be able to close my eyes and tease you, play with u.. Ur reactions to my calls r etched so deep..its easy to picture you.. As if u are not very far.. Who cares for reality then. I love you so much. Just know that my chota bacha.