Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm there

I am there where madness meets insanity and a lunatic is born
I am there where your memories are more romantic than you
I am there where there is nowhere to be
I am there where the winters give me the chills for keepsakes
I am there where I'm late and the world's an infinite clock
I'm there where law is literature, law is an oath, and law beholds
I'm there where I fantasize about you while in someone else's arms
I'm there where loneliness gives me company
I'm there where a hot shower is also consummate
I'm there where lovers meet and kiss and touch
I'm there where there is so much of shame that the veil is shy
I'm there where artistes worship their muse and nights cry
I'm there where books are mislaid
I'm there where nothing is ever lost in time
I'm there where your absence is all I have of you


Life's trouble's are kinda broke these days. A lot of good has happened this past one month..i have become surer of myself, i have heard good news from lot many short life has been busy and better. Except from the sickness, all is hunky dory. But there is stuff that always has and always will remain planted in my mind. Layers upon layers of days, months, years would settle on the time that is called 'now', but strands of random memories will always remain there..eclipsing me from my own reality. And at times like these when you cannot say what you have to ~ it kinda belittles your past. Leaving you confused. I guess I am not explaining it properly. But, then that's the idea.

I stand at the precipice of a comfortable fortress right now but even here, i'm ill at ease.

There is so much I want to write in you..just don't take me seriously..