Friday, October 21, 2011

a thought, a walk

"Er hey hi, I see you're deep in thoughts.. what could it be that you are thinking so deeply about in this cold night?"

Startled, I almost wake up from my thoughts. I look to my right at this stranger..a white European guy, in his thirties or so it seems, with long curly hair - the length reaching near about his chest and an interesting countenance writ large on his face.

I smile instinctively and continue to walk. Clad in my black overcoat, buttoned till the neck; my boots clanking soft on the cobbled bed of the street, my hair loose and my mind lost; hands deep down in pockets to warm myself against winter chill. I continue with my pace without even as much as a mild halt. He joins me in my steps. And now we walk together. I smile and reply "Yes, I had been thinking".

"But what?"

"Why would I tell you!", I say in bewilderment.

"Oh yeah! I'm a stranger, yeah? But saw you walking and looking down on the ground as you walked. I like petite girls, you know and I thought what could have possibly happened to her", said he in his crisp-soft English accent.

"Compact discs?!", I mutter silently

We both laugh and continue walking..

"And yes, it IS weird to to be talking to a stranger like this. But, perhaps that's why we are called strangers, is it not?"

"Yeah", I like his accent now.

"Can I help in some way? Ohhh no! Is it that you just broke up with your boyfriend? Because then I wouldn't wanna talk too much! You will make me your rebound love!", he says in jest.

"No! I did not just break up with my boyfriend!", I can't help but smile in amazement.

"You studying here? You at LSE?", he says point backwards from where I had begin to walk. 


"Must be good. My last girlfriend was from LSE too."

I nod along.

"So where are you from?", he asks gliding along with me..while I wondered if I was even on the right street.

"Oh, I'm from India"

"Indiaa.. sound interesting and where do ya stay in London?"

"At a hostel near Trafalgar Square", pronouncing it as Trae-fell-gar Square, much the way a tourist would.

"I love how you said that. Say it again!", he says and instead tries my way of saying it.

"Oh yeah, I know you guys call it 'Traaafaaalgar'; well, I am new to this place."

"Aaah you're new here. How long has it been?"

"About a month-"

"Just a month! Oh then you are what they call a 'London virgin'"

"I guess so"

"Enjoy this place! It has much to offer.. I hope we meet soon and catch up.."

He keeps going on about something as I interrupt him. I take out my hands from my pockets, pointing to him the street I needed to be on. We smile again and bid adieu. He offers his hand much as I would to a child.. and we do a little hi5. I turn around on the other street. Still cold and weary in the body. I can feel the icy breeze of the night brush up against my naked cheeks and my hair is pulled back by the gush of the wind.

Sliding my fingers a little deeper into the pockets of my overcoat, I continue on.

one of those nights

Miss you my, mom.. it's so late at night.. can't call you.. missing you so much. I don't really know how to live away from you all. Had been feeling heavy in the heart all evening, now i know the reason for it. We all don't know how to live apart and here we are .. the family scattered in almost three continents.. i know it is all for good, i know it had to happen, i know we will meet in sometime.. and i know i am crying like a little girl.. but logic as usual is of little significance when I think of you on nights like this.. Being busy perhaps is then better.. i dont want to be this girl out here alone right now.. I am so used to being the little one.. love you all.. whenever i read something any of you would like... i ache to run to you guys.. when I hear some song mom would like, I wish i could make her listen to it.. Papa - i loved how you spoke to me today evening.. all happy and cheerful! It was lovely to hear your lovely that it made me ache to be there at home with you. And though I never to say it as much as i should - I love you.. soooooo much. I know you're most concerned about me - your youngest that I am.. mat lo itni tension, papa. Your girl is good and taking care of herself. You look after yourself and ma.

Gosh! How much you guys mean to me! So close.. so close so close! Give me a hug all of youuuuuuu! :'( :')

Ma.. would give anything for a hug.. anything.. You're my sun. 

And Panther, my baby.. my baby.. my tears would never run dry..