Wednesday, October 19, 2011

purried host

Again - so much is happening there is hardly anytime to think let alone chronicle my thoughts, though i ache to do that; Charting my way through college, the streets, moodle (!), food and the lack thereof, piles of pages to read and tons of guilt about what one could not read ;

The journey is as interesting as is taxing.. there is a whole gamut of emotions I feel ... surprising myself and flowing on. As I was saying to someone - it's like all this while I was there sitting on this golden chariot which had all the givings and misgivings of youth - the idealism, the innocence, a sense of having understood things, the inevitable belief that one knows - the vanity of it all! And then one day you have to climb down. You are bound to come down and then you see things as they are as they were and not perhaps as they should be. Reality is no slave to logic. It is reality - pure and simple. You can choose to call it whatever you may, choose to see it however you want.. your seeing your choosing changes nothing. Its the logical that kowtows to reasoning, the logic-less reigns unhindered, unabashed.

I have so much to say and yet have to sleep for I have a class in a few hours. I will be back soon. Perhaps tonight.