Sunday, September 25, 2011

runway and thereafter

Reached London at 1730 hrs British Standard Time on 22nd September 2011.

There was so much going on in my mind in the cab.. a thousand thoughts, a tired body, a quite calm happiness and a twinge of the blues .. So, here I was, typing away on my cellphone, looking around and then typing.. happy, excited, intrigued, wide-eyed and on the lookout for a familiar face, familiar smile or a familiar touch..

As the aircraft touched the tarmac an hour back, I held on to the armrest, tight and secured, and closed my eyes. Let the 'thud' hit me hard perhaps. The first glimpse of England turf freshened my airborne mind. I am in the cab now; on way to Northumberland Hall - which is going to be my residence now. 

Finally, I've made it this far. This is a city that's breathing, talking, dining, travelling, shopping around me and I am definitely an outsider taking her first peek. I feel low actually! Sinking! Overwhelmed. That's the word I would ascribe to this feeling. LSE, London, England. Feels so close now, yet so.. as if my eyes are not enough to perceive. Wonder if I would get lost in the crowd - a part of me wishes it does! It is a bit chilly and I am wearing just a light tee, but am warm inside. My friend in the cab is taking pics out of her window- I word my thoughts instead.

Enough! I want the cab to reach the hall now. Just wanna get inside a warm bed. And a blanket. but before that want to wash my feet with some hot water.

Feels like a paper boat - drifting, flowing, floating, swaying.. the stream is gushing ahead of me, with me.. I am holding on! Holding on! Living every bit of it! 

More to come. Watch this space for pics and posts.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Na manzil hi hai khayal mein
Na rasta kahin ja raha,
Na rooh ko koi intezaar
na dil yahan lalsa raha

baithi hoon ik khayal mein
na idhar hi na udhar hi hoon,
ik boond sa mann hai abhi
girte zara qatra raha

Hai jhoolta sa dikh raha
gira ki bas abhi gira,
risna nahi shayad ise
hai chahta ye barasna

maloom hai qillat magar
'kyun!' 'nahi!' 'kahan!' 'par'
kahe ja raha jiye ja raha
bhool kar khone ka darr

kuch aur der baithu toh
ghar bana lu na kaheen,
unhein chhorne ka shauk hai
mujhe rukne ki hai aadat!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Where Memory
meets Hope
Where the good and the bad 
traverse hand in hand
Where what's gone by
looks forward to what's to be
I stand there for you
my love,
I stand waiting for thee

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cry of the Cryptic

The call of the cryptic beckons. It cries and it wails but I keep looking away. Hoping that my stubborn silence might subdue the cry of the cryptic. But that is so not how is goes. And I know it. I have always known it.

I should try speaking softly to me. That works, doesn't it? Softly I shall tread, only my footsteps would know of the journey I make.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

coming home

Never more wished I was left to myself. 

Now that I am going away in a few days, a need to be alone is being felt. Yea, it is a bit odd perhaps, I shall anyway become a stranger in a strange land soon. Yet the need to be with myself is being felt and profusely. I wish to talk to me. Been long I did that.


I miss you, me. :) We'll meet soon, very soon. Once the madness recedes. And once the ruffled pages of my mind settle down with the lull of the winds. I will meet you during one of my walks and perhaps we'll even have a quiet cup of coffee sitting together. Aah, even the thought is so inviting .. invigorating.

With each word I type, I feel a sense of homecoming and before I know it, a silent smirk draws across my face, chaffing me.."what did you think, you fool, I would be gone so soon?" Ha! I am almost celebrating. Me Me Me, where were you?! 

Words. Yes, even when all is lost and gone. And even though like a playful lover they evade me now and then. I love you!

Muah! Muah!