Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 2 Morning :)

Heylo again! Its morning of Day 2 and so much fun. Sister is busy looking about the house and jiaji is sitting nearby .. telly is on and we're having a nice time lazing around...i love the view from her balcony .. its cornish outside.. much like the scenic beauty from up above some building at nariman point in mumbai.. the sea looks beautiful and if i look straight down there's a smooth sexy trail of cars running at exact distance from others and in straight lanes and at such high speed. I am at the 24th floor of this building.. the first 9 floors excluded ..those are for parking.. so in a way i am on the 33rd floor.. :)  I am gonna go down to the beach as soon as i can..

Yesterday as i got off the plane.. a lady awaited me with a placard bearing my name and welcomed me.. unlike other passengers who had to walk a mile and wait at a hundred different queues.. (!) the lady offered me a ride on an open car .. we first went for eye scanning where I was given first preference evn though there was a LONG queue .. i could feel my skin burning :P those people must have been cursing me.. and thence she took me for other formalities where also each time i would actually skip the whole routine and everyone would give me preference. I so totally felt like a film star. I was sure i was bring cursed by those standing in line for hours.. but well.. i stil had my luggage with me when a tall nice Pakistani looking guy walked upto me and offered to walk my luggage for me.. :) now i had TWO chaperons. hehe.. then we went for baggage claim, i got my other baggage.. i had nothing to do except hold my jacket as everything was being taken care of. I lyk i lyk. Then they lead me to meet my sis and jiaji who were waiting at the other end and whoaaaa.. we reached the car and came straight back home! huha.. ok now that was Marhaba Service for me! that Jiaji had booked.. whereby Neha is treated like a filmstar :D lovely service!

My sis had already prepared my favourite dinner comprising the quintenssential Rajma Rice and Matar Paneer etc.. it was amazing to see her so deft at household chores.. i was impressed. :D Near about 10.30 we hurried to the Safeer Mall.. i was in my tracks only.. too lazy to change.. and we bought groceries and stuff.. we hurried cz the mall was stated to close at 11pm. The roads here are sexy smooth and everything's organised .. as for me.. i was amazed to see how my sis scuttled from one part of the mall to 'another checking scrutinising weighing and buying veggies! hehe,.. even the ones like methi and ghiya which we used to scoff at when young! She is so concerned about eating healthy now! A nice happy change! I was so tired by that time with all my travelling that we didn't hang around much and drove back home.

Today morning I woke up in my room (they christened the room 'neha ka kamra') and i have taken to it as if i was always living here.. It has a sexy balcony..balcony ke aage samandar, samandar ke aage aurrrr samandar.. Mr. India types. Today we are going to a birthday party, i have also been invited. So would be nice meeting people..:)
I sooo wanna go to the beach soooon.:) and now time to get ready! ciao!