Thursday, April 21, 2011

D'oh! ;)

Hey you,

Missed writing eh, but each time I'd come around, I'd end up writing something I wouldn't post. And it would get flipped headlong into the infinite depths of my unposted drafts! Once I ended up writing a 'motivational' poem..a feat almost impossible for me. I am one of those who can harp in melody when going gets rough, who can sit down and write odes to the pain! But a 'jo beet gayi so baat gayi' we 'painaddicts' can never come up with in prose.

Have been studying, doodling on last pages of my registers, dreaming of after study snacks and drinking tea, coffee, ice tea, milk, water, rooh afza, rasna, tang, you name it, I am washing it down my throat. There's a lot swirling and whirling in my mind.. it all eddies into colorful contours. And I like it that way.

So here's what I wrote.. i didn't like it much for its darn too simple. But well, you gotta KIS,S sometimes :)

At times to be quiet
we need to talk.
sometimes, to be still
we better take a walk

What may seem reverse 
might not really be
What strikes as a curse, 
nigh your blessing be

Be quiet, my love
not silent be.
quest (for) calm within
but not lifeless be

Gather thy courage
pick up thy core
head for a walk 
by your heart's shore

Now on to Interpretation of interesting subject. And hey that reminds me.. a detailed talk on Juris is dew. Oops. due. D'oh.