Monday, December 17, 2012

Up in the Air

Date: 16-17-18 December 2012 (depends on which time zone I should follow while some 40,000 ft up in the air, in between continents and whether or not I have the energy to add or subtract silly hours.)

Place: Read above.

Time: Ditto

(Somewhere in constant motion, above a constantly moving earth – is where date, place and time have a threesome?)

I am still in the plane. Still 4 hours to go before I reach my destination –  London. I have been communting since last night and its already evening in Delhi - the place I started from. Travelling 5-6 hours back in time has its advantages. No matter how late your flight is, how much you have to wait at the airport, no matter how much sleep you have lost – you will still be arriving earlier than you would have expected. However, that is not what this post is about.

For so long I had been sitting, itching to type but didn't wanna make the effort to pull out the laptop and really do it. Because there isn't much space around me, and secondly, I don't really enjoy jotting down most uncomfortable of times – grief, gloom, tears and pain I can write pages upon pages about – it's the physically uncomfortable that I can't write much on.

But then – while watching a crazy movie (my third on this flight) I just started to write – in the head.. and it came out beautifully. Wishing to capitalise on the moment, I lunged for my bag, took out the laptop case, extracted the laptop from its case, sat up straight and here I am typing away 'feeling important' – the memory of what I was writing (in the head) having completely wiped off.

Nevermind, the laptop is here now. I will wait to return.

Friday, December 14, 2012

by the way.

And on a regular note - I bought myself an overcoat today. A khaki colored coat with a furry hood. I am sure it will keep me warm - and if it doesn't well, there is Zara and there is a discount. Gosh, I hate shopping so much that I fooled myself into eating a plate of papri chat just so that I could procrastinate a little more in the mall today. Shopping alone has its benefits. No one to judge you. I also bought a winter hat/cap, it looks cute in a fuzzy sort of way. London is freezing I am told.

My tickets for Arusha, Tanzania are done. And the trip is for longer duration than I had thought. I will be gone for good 7-8 days. Reach Arusha over three connecting flights and come back via two other. Upon return I am to pack again for Bombay and plan on staying put. Before that I would be staying in some part of Delhi for 2-3 days for orientation into the fellowship program.

Oh yea, did I mention? I won the Maternal Health Fellowship jointly awarded by Harvard University and Maternal Health Task Force. Hence, the London and the Tanzania and the Bombay. Gee. 

Lb ju.

exeunt omnes!

Not a shred is left. Not a word. Not a syllable that we existed. Is it that we love our selves so much or the fact that we essentially don't? Or is it the necessary absolutions of our people infested lives that some have to, just have to go? Sometimes they walk out themselves and at times we would have pushed them out and banged the door shut. Either way we suffer. No matter which side of the stage we find ourselves at the end of the play, it is all just the same.

This is not a piece wrote in any of the extreme emotions we are wont to feel at moments like these. In fact, I am surprisingly cool. It is just emptiness that's staring back at me. A strange emptiness - not the hollow kinds - but the kind that fills every nook and crevice of my daily life. The emptiness is all-encompassing, taking up all space there ever was, beautiful in itself and tranquil. Yes, it is very quiet and still.

Or is it simply that I am talking much more to myself, now that the noise (yes you!) is no more? 

I am such a hopeless brute, I am even enjoying this, right now, here.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

sprawl scrawl

I am in bliss. True bliss..drunk in sunshine on my rooftop.hardly being able to write..but each part of me feels so soft and a newborn babe. Im so blissfully dizzy in a sleep that only sunlight and warmth can make possible. im sprawled on a thick blanket doubled up to give me some comfort and my body is covered from head to toe with ma's warm shawl..making me my own warm Eden..i can hardly open my eyes - i am that cosy -  but i am feeling supple and well slept.

The morn saw me get up early..snuggle upto being hers and my dads wedding anniv (35th!) after which I laced up my shoes..wore myfav puma trackpants with a jacket on top and went for a run. Twelve rounds and an hour later I returned home to have a shower, my breakfast and laze around and now I am on the rooftop .. with my book.. sleep now and then replacing the come my glasses and I lumber on with my seista. Lovely lovely Delhi winter it is - best spent on lazy rooftops..sprawled and comforted - nothing could tear me apart from my drowsy heaven! muah!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


There are times like these that the influx of all that needs to be put down on paper itself hinders the flow of words. There is then no train of thoughts, but an explosion of selfsame conclusions - some formed, some unformed, some stillborn, some deformed - elastic in style - the mumbo jumbo of a clogged mind.

And yet the love for writing brings me here. I yearn to write till my nib bleeds, my fingers ache, my mind is cured - till I can hear no more of the senseless din - till my chaos begins to make sense, take shape and bring to me a sense of accomplishment that only few care for. Of all those I have loved, its writing that's never failed me. May be because I never stopped loving it. I am aware though that even as I fill this canvas with words, I am hardly saying anything. May be thats the idea. May be I am not ready yet.

I love you my blog, my haven, my refuge, my holiday, my work, my shelter, my sanctuary, my burrow, my faithful home!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


It looks like a shoddy piece of patchwork, my life. In some other time I would have found beauty in any miscellany. Right now I just wanna lie curled up in my bed and close my eyes. I have forgotten to write poetry. Something I so enjoyed. I no more have the courage or the hope for it. I wish to go away somewhere far, too far from even myself. But pity we can't leave our past behind. And then, I am tired before I even begin to chart my course. Because I know the going away will do nothing.

There is so much noise it makes me cringe. It's making me want to hurl things against the wall - if only to seek that split second silence right after.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blank stare

Considering what all is happening around me, I must not be doing bad if I have finally started reading Shakespeare. I don't know if I hold the books or they hold me. We get along well, that's all.

I have become so dextrous in arranging what should bother me and when that pain itself has lost its meaning. I have lost, I feel, the impulse that makes us grieve or pine. I know so much of myself now that even as 'answers' lay bare in front of me I no longer even want to get up and have a look. I am sure more lies ahead, more of me, more of those 'fine lines' that I so often talk about. But for now even this seems enough.

Last night, on my way from Connaught Place, I realized how this dexterity of the mind, this 'awareness', this vigilance rather - kills the spirit of spontaneity. Of making mistakes, seeking apology and keep going. But who can I allow myself to be that with?

I don't know if I make any sense to anyone reading this. I had better go and work.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This one is me.

All my life I have lived to love someone. 'Worship' I learned to call it. Struggling to worship a God that never was, praying that he exists. Him with a capital H. Even though I have been never been religious, in this regard I was the unrivaled, the alpha devotee. Or at least wanted to be. My savior he was to be. My 'tree' I would call him metaphorically. An abundant, grand, grandiose tree, in all its wooden splendor and life, to cover my whole being like a divine umbrella. A living monument of man, under which I wanted to simply exist, 'pick flowers', if you like. Yearning to be a nobody in comparison. Pining to become a speck as he would reign over me. Me the kingdom, he the King; me the devotee he the God, me a mere abstraction, he the very creation! And nothing less would satisfy me. Such brazen hunger for worship did not hurt my ego in the slightest. It did not because in my mind he knew it was I who needed to coronate him for myself! Oh! How important that he should not care! He would have known it was my need and may be nothing more. It was this understanding that was to mark our love. Alas, it never happened. And thank god it never happened.

Adding flavor to my delusion, I always had this beautiful imagery of a little girl sitting pretty on green grass, under that tree, her flower-printed pinafore and a little brooch in place. She sits unmindful of the world, of her own existence, save that the tree is her home and as long as she is under it no harm could befall her. I never knew what she feared, but she would keep plucking at the lush green grass near her knees and now and then fiddle with her basket. Her face had calm contentment writ all over it. This girl was me.

Never did I pay heed that this girl had no books by her side. Books that  I so love to read. She wanted nothing from life except to barely exist under the shadow of the man-tree, all she wanted was to feel safe even as no eminent danger was in sight. This safety was her idyll, her ultimate salvation. She had no ink, no pen, no paper. You see, she needs nothing from him! Just his presence around, as if to co-exist in his time was the reason she had taken birth.

All wrong!

Today I see the horror of such a dream. I dread what would happen to her if she were trapped in such condescending paradise. What good is the man-tree except for his banal presence? Doesn't she realize that it's her books, her pen and her paper that make up her life and have been her solace all these years? Doesn't she know the rest can be built and destroyed only to fall like a pack of cards and that all that really happens happens only in our minds?! Why have I been so afraid of being a writer? Afraid of being a 'failure' even before I learned to spell the word? Deep down I have always known I loved writing, but deeper still was buried my reluctance to accept it. The enormity of the thought, the responsibility of calling oneself a 'writer', added to it my ruthless criticism of myself stopped me short. Not only did it play a hindrance, it actually made me hand wave my own belief in myself.

The thing is I have always been afraid to fail. So much so that I didn't even want to acknowledge to myself that I have a dream. To want to see my name on the spine of a book - and even more than the name - I have always wanted to express . To me there exists no word more beautiful than the word 'write' and yet I have been so stingy with saying it out aloud. I still believe one has to earn whatever one calls oneself. Nothing is ever ours unless we earn it with our sweat. (I feel even less of a lawyer, than my degrees will have you believe). I didn't allow myself the chance. To accept that this was what I do and it is okay even if I am not able to prove it! My life is not being lived on a stage. If there was anyone I loved more, wanted to protect more, wrap my arms around - it is me. If there is anyone in whose stretched palm I would like to place something beautiful and for life - it would be a pen and that hand would be mine.

As I write this, I want to close the curtain on the imagery I have nurtured for as long as I can remember. I am not the kind you'd find plucking grass, sitting pretty and under a tree all her life. Maybe I was never that girl, maybe I no longer want to be.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Is my time to go come? Why do I have this chilling feeling. As if the realization that I do not belong here is complete now. That my time here is up and every single day spent in this place is taking me farther away from where I am supposed to be.

Last night I slept thinking of the 'cusp' of life. Thinking of how deeply I recognize it, and as an afterthought - how I wish sometimes I would let some things go unobserved.

Holed up in my room all day, it is an effort to go out, to face the world (no, not out of any shame, but of sheer boredom and denial). All peace, all of me, all of who I am is here, right here in me. And when I do think of going out, surprisingly the world outside as I imagine is not this. As if I already believed I had left.

I am writing voraciously these days, sometimes on paper, sometimes in my head. Mostly it's the head. I'm writing as I make my tea; I'm writing in the shower as I undress, and writing still when I pat me dry. Hurrying to return to my desk and type. But all this 'writing' is sporadic, of course. Scattered everywhere. There is no method, no deadline, no course it takes - words coming together in bits and pieces - in agreement with what I want to say; making me feel so safe.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

to be continued..

But then, I want to immerse, and you might want to breathe still. I want to fly and you might wish to never part with your earth.. I want to look down deep into your eyes and you don't get it.. my biggest fears are the most useless. Pragmatism bores me.

I am complete.

The thing is that you have to try. You have to try and be the best of who you are. Take responsibility; summon all courage no matter how scared you are; if promised anything, even in passing, mean it, keep it.

"And then, I am there for you. I have really grown to like you..almost as if I were severed from you and could see you. Right there."

The duality must give in now. Converge. :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Swollen eyes

Last night I slept crying. Thinking how what when where. Thinking how all my life I have been valuing the wrong people perhaps, running after those who weren't there. Trying to make peace with nothingness even as I had everything. Each time something like this happens, my faith in me gets shaken, I am ambushed by fears and reluctance. My sister, living loveliness that she is, tells me to be realistic. "There'll be days like this", she also says. And she says so much more. I listen. 

Nothing is clear, the haze is clear.

I leave for Goa today. Not a speck of smile.

I will return having newly turned 25.

That's all, folks.

Monday, October 22, 2012

merit. yay!

I got my provisional exam result for LLM a few days back. To my surprise I scored a neat Merit in all subjects barring one. I am happy the dissertations have been all given merit and even some other papers where I wasn't sure I had performed well. Though marks are no hallmark of excellence to me, there is no reason why one must not be happy at having scored well. So yeah, I am happy with my performance though I also know I could have done heaps better - might have still scored the same - but still could have learned more had I put in more effort and not wasted time in everyday things.


I will be travelling much the next few days. I will try to post from these places but I cannot promise. I don't even know if I will carry the laptop.


The silence continues even as I speak. But I continue to make the hopeless effort by coming to the blog and posting. Some rituals must be observed.. even if for no reason at all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Now I know why people turn to music. Since the time I have returned, I am feeling more lonely than ever. That's strange because it's lonely thats happening - not missing, not wishing, not longing. It could also be the fact that i don't realize i'm missing - from which there is no running away. I have a nice room which opens up into the balcony, my laptop, my books, my stuff and I do have my work too. There is much to be done which I am doing - but when its not work, there is nothing else. Suddenly there is so much time on my hands and nothing much to do. Time difference should have taken away 5 hours or so. Not really.

I have more energy that I can possibly put to use. But there's simply no one around. And so, to keep sane i'm turning to music and loud music at that, to beat the loneliness.
I SOOOOOOOOO wanna get drunk tonight!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Loud writing

Delhi it is. The confusion and chaos outside seems minuscule when compared to that inside. Love and longing have taken a backseat. It is work that is on my mind. A lot of deadlines are hovering and I am trying to meet them all. My tickets for Palampur and Goa are done and I am looking forward to both the places and the occasions. Writing still comes out sparingly, perhaps because the same is with reading. A few more days and I will start going out daily. That should add some flavor to my book-less world.

Yesterday I was about to buy Narcopolis from Kashmiri Gate metro station on my way back home. Though the covers looked interesting but the prologue gave it away for me. It says in not so many words, that, "Bombay.... is the hero or heroine of this story". I have nothing against Bombay yet the place tires me. I have been there once and if possible would never want to go back again. I know it is a place that consumes you, makes you its own as you live there longer, the rubbing shoulders becomes a way of life and the lights at the glittering malls and the freedom that one can feel there is addictive. Yet, I have a mental block when it comes to Bombay. Except for the name I don't like much else and yes, I may have the naiveté of someone who has only known Delhi to be her home (and quite recently a bit of London). So well, I don't want to read of Bombay. Somewhat similarly I gave up reading Shantaram even as the plot had begin to thicken; the way I never liked Slumdog Millionaire despite the hoopla. My disenchantment with the city that never sleeps is illogical but firm. Ironically, one exception that I can think of is the very movie Bombay that I loved as a kid. As a child it did scare the wits out of me - coz like any other kid that age I had a fear of being lost in a crowd, parting from my family forever and never getting to see them again. But then, the movie had not much to do with Bombay as a city. I would like this to change. I don't like being prejudiced this way, this illogic mars my personal glee - that of being flexible in many other things. But who am I kidding, I enjoy not liking Bombay and bask in my ignorance of it. ;)

My room is nice and interesting now, a lot needs to be bought - new curtains, a cupboard, new chair, and most importantly, a book shelf. I also need a rug and a place to hide the innumerable stuff toys that hog most of the space in my favorite cupboard. WHY do people gift stuff toys to you if you are a girl?! I won't deny I must have enjoyed getting them as gifts at one point of time, now all they do is take up a lot of space which I would rather fill up with books and other collectibles. The trouble with stuff toys is that they are totally useless, need dedicated space in the shelf and when you are about to dump them - you just can't help but recall who gifted which teddy bear on which birthday, when you were oh-so-young and there goes your determination; the teddy bears soon find their way back to the cupboard. Stuffed rascals.

I am doing a lot of catching up on news these days. Needless to say, last 3 months I hardly read a newspaper back to back. It was only on the ipad that I used to log in for some news. It is the eds and the op-eds that I am reading now, plan on subscribing to the Hindu, Tehelka and Frontline again. I also want to send my two/three dissertations to some law journals, so I am on a look out for some human rights journal calling for papers.

That's all for now. Will keep you posted, now that I have the time.

Monday, October 8, 2012

the year that was

I will land in Delhi tomorrow. The year has come to an end and I will be back. There isn't a farewell speech to hand in.. but there is much that I feel tonight. I don't think i can put it all into words just now. A lot needs to be done on the work front - the reason I was at LSE and that makes me happy. I am sure Delhi has answers to a lot of mysteries of the past year. I feel I am going home to Panther too even as I know he isn't there. Knowing is such an overrated phenomenon, one that hardly makes a difference. You just continue to feel what you feel. :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

a dog or two

My Life

i will be free..truly free

i will work, earn for myself, get a dog or two (and even though life kinda ends then and there but i have some other chut-put dreams), get lots of green plants, decorate my home my way.. have BIG windows and many cushions and nice curtains.
cook interesting food.. healthy meals cooked in olive oil, less on masala high on taste
crisp salads
go to a gym, have my beautiful books showcased in sexy book shelf which i will buy one day with my own money
simple living high thinking
ek theek thaak si car .. xing type. hola! i already have it.
silk ke dupatte on semi silk ka kurta. :D gee

Monday, October 1, 2012

a rap

Once again the need to be honest that brings me here. I come, I try. Befallen, I crawl back to the confines of my mind. But there is much I must accept now and stop fooling my self. Just stop, stand, and do what is right.. for once be sure and be happy to declare so. Enough of observing, enough of enjoying the thrill of how far one can go. I am not that old to be talking of times gone by as having had some immense impact on me. Whatever has happened in my life so far is also in my present - affecting me even now. I know one day in future it won't be important all of it. But I just have today to live. I must accept myself. Something's gotta give.

Accept yourself.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Everything is turning around. People, places. What I thought is not. What I didn't is. How wrong we can be as judges. How wrong when subsequently patting our backs. The feeling when you realize you have only returned to where you were. I know I keep saying but im not saying much. What stops me? I have gotten so used to keeping things to myself that I wonder if I have forgotten how it is like to be honest. This post is just about trying hard in that direction. Pardon the stilted writing.

I am in Dubai now. Bid adieu to London a day back. In the plane as the plane was about to take off, I said to myself, 'take care, london'. It was more about my time there, hope it all bears fruit and I am able to do some good work. I am happy to be here, I think my sister needed me bad. Apart from that I am at home all day as she and her husband go to work from 7 to 7 everyday. Lots to think, read, watch and relax. Tomorrow I plan to go out, hail a cab and buy some essentials. 

I cleared another round of fellowship I had applied for and was interviewed via skype. The results are not out yet. Nothing is for certain. Tomorrow onwards I apply more vigorously. Also got an internship offer from an NGO in London - too late.

I guess thats all for now. Will keep you posted. Hope to be back soon. Miss you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

i go on

I have been writing for long in my mind. Somehow shying away from coming to the blog. Perhaps it is the wait again, or is it that I have lost the drive. I know what wonders writing does to me, even then. I feel whatever I would write, I would not be honest - so I defer writing all together. I want to be honest, I want to write like before, and yet something stops me. My time in London is coming to an end. I do not have a job; I am waiting for a few replies but that is about all. I haven't tried much anyway.

Staying for long in the room has made me feel shy of outside. Last night I did make all effort and went to Leicester Square - the same streets that oozed with spirit, city-lights and of crazy folk at one time - now all seemed quiet. And no it was not just because it was a Monday, it was like it had always been. But no more was I enchanted, no more did the lights and the streets and the people held my attention. I longed to return and return I did, only to drift off to sleep while a couple of friends watched Ek The Tiger on my laptop.

In my dream I was not sure about some fellowship, whether or not I had been accepted. People after people were going, boarding a train and starting off. I was standing there in wait - someone had to come and tell me I was to board! How could I just board by myself! Everyone had a certificate or a receipt to show they were accepted and they were happy, including a tall, broad, nice natured American gentleman. What about me?

I hesitate calling home. May be I just wanna show them a success story. So, I wait. In a couple of days I will be shifting places again and would stay here in London for a few more weeks after which I might or might to go to Dubai and then to Delhi. I wish to see my sister. It would be a pity if I returned and did not meet her. It is such a small life, must meet people we love.

I will be leaving for the library in a while. Recharged my seasoned ticket yesterday, so travelling shan't cost must. Working from home has never worked for me. I need an office space. I miss my sisters office where I used to set up a corner for me. My 'work' day meant writing a few acrostics, doing random research, helping her out and sometimes meet a friend or two. Whenever I wasn't interning or didn't have college in the morning I used to go to office with her. That's what I need now. So library it is.

I now I am rumbling and I don't know why. But I need it. I need it bad. It is reassuring, writing here. Even nonsense.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

taming the fingers

It is one of those times when I can't contain my self. Have been having a conversation with my sister (in my own mind) since last night, but haven't been able to really talk to her. Parents flying to Dubai today to visit other sis. I am kinda liking it. They'd meet her, see around UAE and have a work-free vacation, God knows they never tire. 

Coming back to me - I can't contain myself.. or the excitement. Have thought a lot about 'what after LLM?' and now that after much research some avenues have opened up - i think it would be quite interesting once I am out of this place - of course, given that things go my way. There are many plans, if only I am able to execute them well.

I resist writing anything personal, just waiting for the next big change and then I will be better. I would be in a place to do what I want without any self-imposed obligations..even if it were to go drown my head. :) love you!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 3: LSE Library

In the business of words there comes a time when one may have to eat one's own goods. Did I say in the last post that the material on the topic was 'scarce'? Scarce?!!! As if the library is taking revenge on me. I have spent two hours hopping around four floors at the library today. From the much used course collection section to the dusty bookshelves of 'yore' where each book I picked up lead to twenty more on the same topic. I think everyone who has been anything in Indian academia has had something to say on Kashmir, and they pretty much got it published. And if you include the Indian ambassadors to any country in the world, they also have a thick book in their name on Kashmir - and this only on this part of the border. Once you cross the imaginary LOC in the shelves you find Pakistani authors doing just the same. It comes to the point where you can easily guess what the contents page must be covering. And then come the English authors who sit pretty at the fence as they write on Kashmir, some fondly remembering a wonderful summer they spent in the valley sipping English tea. And then some anti-US ones, who point their fingers at US about everything wrong under the sun (and who knows perhaps they are right, too). So much for Kashmir. Then I went on to get me some books on Self Determination. Another deluge. And then on Secession - yet another. I am allowed to borrow 20 books from the library in my name and I think I am gonna have to borrow someone else's library card for all of the stuff I have picked. I have half a mind to focus more on secession now with application on Kashmir. Or may be decide the topic only after I am done with writing. What a horrible idea. But with so little time in hands, it  does make some sense. I think I had better return to my room with all these books, get me a strong mug of tea, sit down and write. Jes.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 2 on Extended Essay II

The writing isn't happening. It is not coming to me yet. I know I am a fast writer when I'm surrounded by the right material, but about Kashmir the views are so divergent that you are halfway through an article only to realize that it is not a balanced piece of writing. The material on international legal pov is even more scarce. However much I try, most of what I read ends up in political rhetoric. 

I will go to the library tomorrow and get more books, especially the ones by Crawford, Cassese and Sumatra Bose. I will be better when I have lots of literature with me. It's strange how books can reassure me more than people can at times. There's something about the written word that says "it will be okay, you will do it right". Books. Books. Books.

I will go for a walk now.. try to shake off the jerky nerves.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

so much so little

The first extended-essay is nearly done. I will still need two days for fine-tuning, making the bibliography, contents page et al and then have to give it for printing and binding. Today I have also begun work on the other one the topic of which is Self-Determination, Secession and Kashmir. The next two days will be important, because if I dont find enough legal material I might have to give it up and start afresh on something similar yet new. But I think I will pull it through. So much has been done, so little has been done.

It's been raining all day today. And I'm propped in my chair. A long day lies ahead.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Sometimes it feels like a long holiday, at others a long sleep, sometimes it is a long journey that I'm making in a train, at others it's crawling realization that the journey will take forever. Then at others I longingly await the end of it, times when I know it will end, making it all bearable. Then I fantasize where I will be. Happy where I am. I don't know where things are going, I am just trying to do my best.

After a lot many days I read a lot today. Downloaded a nice application on the ipad that allows me to read newspapers with ease. Felt good. Felt as if as the time to go back comes nearer, I am again picking up threads from where I had left. Reading a lot of news also makes one angry, and such anger must be preserved.

When I get into this mode, all things that seem so important one moment, start to look insignificant. Abstractions like happiness, love, peace et al. Another kind of freedom takes over - even leading to that what is now insignificant already. And then I'm least bothered by it all. I've begun to understand a few things better than I did earlier. I guess that's the purpose of it all.

A random memory: i don't know from where, but flashes of a school trip are on my mind now. I'm wearing a pair of white pajama bottoms with a white sleeveless top, at a resort where we stayed on the school trip. And I'm looking at the breakfast buffet spread in front, and cool, salty Goan breeze coming from the sea not very far. A little girly consciousness was there. That girl is me. So strange.

That was also the first time I had ever seen the vast sea.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


What would I not give. For a lick on the hand, a woof in my ear, a jump and a sudden sprint, a total menace prancing around my toes; nibbling at my ankles, eating away the furniture, running away with the remote, barking like a dog. With the tongue lolling, and the ears crooked, see him running about in circles trying to catch his own tail and a sudden jump on the sofa - and the scared guests. What would I not give. For a bark asking me to take him for a walk, for crazy fights with horrible neighbors, or plain simple showing him off. What would I not give, to have you come home once more. In a little basket may be, as you once did. And to know that you are mine. What would I not give. For your heartbeat that was always so fast, and those paws ever so soft. What I miss about you most are the things I feel I have lost. I want a dog. I want a dog.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the new place

I'm gonna try writing like old times now. Write for people who read and not just for myself. The self-talk was important too, but now I think it is doing me more harm than good. Writing has always been something I enjoy. I just wanna continue to do that. So anyway, im still in London. Shifted at a different place couple of weeks back. I like the locality but I stil miss the rush of WC2N. Anytime I would get out there would be people around.. laughing people, drunk people, couple people, single people.. I have walked out of the hall at 2.30 am there to Tesco or Co-operative and got me something to munch. Here it is quieter at night. 1 am and the roads are deserted and people fast asleep. But the good part is Shad Thames. All I got to do is walk a little bit to find myself at the bank of Thames and there to my left is the giant tower bridge with the Olympic Rings hanging from up there these days. At night its brilliant, the lights the reflection in the waters, the small food joints, there is also a big broken anchor with giant shackles lying there.. you can't move them an inch if you tried. Yea, it is peaceful here.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I need to find myself. I still need to know so much. As if all the knowing has come down to nothing. The struggle with self continues. As much as I know it is a boon that there is much to know (as if ever we can really know stuff), the thought of the journey overwhelms me. I'm tired, not exhausted, just tired. The good thing is that I get better with little recompence, it may be that one heals better when the wounds are one's own giving. 

I needed nothing but simple and yet each time I observe, I have all but simple. The people have faces, the places landmarks.. I know they really are. But are they? What is it that is right? What is it that is mine? This isn't a dilemma, for the way out the dilemma is a purpose or perspective. I have no idea where I am. I don't even know what this is called.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


He thinks with me,' said Dorothea to herself, 'or rather, he thinks a whole world of which my thought is but a poor twopenny mirror. And his felings too, his whole experience - what a lake compared with my little pool!'

...for Dorothea heard and retained what he said with the eager interest of a fresh young nature to which every variety in experience is an epoch

Into this soul-hunger as yet all her youthful passion was poured; the union which attracted her was one that would deliver her from her girlish subjection to her own ignorance, and give her the freedom of voluntary submission to a guide who would take her along on the grandest path.

There would be nothing trivial about our lives. It would be like marrying Pascal. I should learn to see the truth by the same light as great men have seen it by.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

some post

I again dreamt of Panther last night. Again because his memories seem to have resurfaced. Apparently he was still there.. I dreamt that I had left him at the vets and forgot to get him back for two years thinking he was no more. He looked weak and.. he was in a shed, with a leash tied to a pole and I shuddered to think what he must have gone through all this time in the heat and the rain and the chill, this apart from the enormous guilt of having left him there. I woke up a li'l upset and aching for him. Trying to remember how it felt to hold his big fuzzy face in my hands, his ears flapping around and kiss his forehead lovingly. Even thought is delightful.

Soon exams would be over and I would begin work on the two dissertations I have to write. I hope the work helps me take the decision about whether I want to do the Phd. Btw have been comfort reading Harry Potter these days. I was on that part about Hermione making the polyjuice potion. In the end, all they need is 'a bit of the people they are changing into'. That's what keeps happening with us - for good, worse, or an hour at the most!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

pummeling my pillow

Last night as I lay reading a book in my bed, I realised my life was nowhere I wanted it to be. Hark, it hardly even reflected 'me'. And yet, it was mine fair and square.. at the moment it felt if I were to go looking for my life sometime and have to pick and choose one on the basis that I would be able to recognise which one is mine, much like one is able to recognise one's clothes or one's dog, I'm gonna walk right past mine without as much as a pause. Or worse, I would knowingly walk past mine without as much as a pause. 

Morning came and along came some sense. Would never walk past my life without  yelling for all to hear, "there, there! that one's mine!" Better still, would never walk past my life at all.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I have known long how to write in pain, how to wield a pen and churn out words from the depths of sorrow! But how to write when so happy? How to write in freedom and knowing and joy and laughter?! The 'highest' I have been in happiness is perhaps India winning some important match or perhaps some movie with sports in it. The exuberance - euphoria!!!! The Mexican-wave of joy! And there I am right now! Like a waving flag! ~~~
This is for those times when I would look at this blog - sometime in distant in future - when I would be past these times - when I would have long forgiven me and erred some more and would most probably be found patting my back for all these crazy times I've lived!
Here i'm throwing in the music that brought it all about!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some air!

The same place that makes one feel free, can turn around and suffocate you under the limitless sky. It is no freedom this when you are not free in will, but led by some vagrant need. Even if the feet that walked thus be yours and the acting hands be yours, until your mind is rendered incapable of thinking 'right'. That's what I mean in an earlier post where I ask ''are we what we do, or are we what we believe in''. I would like to think we are what we believe in, even though we have betrayed us. Actions are not always led by reason. Rather, as much as they are led by reason they are lead by frivolity, boredom, loneliness and such base 'states' we find ourselves in. I am conscientious enough to always be fair, and yet, while talking to my own self, while reflecting upon my own beliefs and actions, I do want to be truthful, so truthful so as to flesh out even the saving grace of my own conscience from me - unmindful of what conclusion my reflections lead me to.
I wish all this to end, drift away. I want to go back to my world, get drowned there if I have to. But just away from this quiet, quiet need, the aftermath of which almost chills my bones.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

mind order


For once. 

Get some rejection letters
Get some acceptance letters



You were keen to dream, let's see how keen you are to achieve. But always know that your life is not being lived on a stage. Not till you choose to debut anyway.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

As I stand here

Rush of blood to the head. It sunk in just now. And I don't like it. The feeling is not that of longing, but fear. In plain words, I'm anxious. 

I stand here but my knees might give away. I stand here in mute appeal. My eyes search the web from across the world. I'm looking for a sign of life, how ever faint, but all I see is a temporary suspension, of belief and words and life itself in me. 

Mind won. It won and I'm all the poorer for it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

last night's lullaby

Enough of writing about rain pelting on my window. Enough of picking flowers in my head, colorful flowers in lavender and white and pink - lillies and jasmine and sunflowers.. enough of my love of words, enough of me, enough of reasons. Enough! Why doesn't all of this end and leave me to me? LEAVE!
Frustration finds no carefully chosen words when it reaches its zenith. I must sleep now. I must put myself to sleep. Good Night.
PS: Are we who we want to be, see ourselves as, the person we really, intrinsically know ourself to be, or are we what we do?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Of leaving and echoes and foreign lands

What is it that I am always leaving behind? And what is it that I seek? There is so much leaving to be finished; I feel like I'm collecting my belongings and packing for another set off all the time. All the time, as I see it. Even before I'm sure of my arrival, I'm certain of going away again. Why wouldn't I rest? What do I seek and why should I? The semblances I live and live to the best I can, believe me. But it comes down to nothing, nothing! Zilch! Pray, I do not complain, I am just weary at times like these.

"My heart is mute - My heart is mute" - Jane Eyre

You saw the madness in me - the madness that found no shore as I beseeched the universe reveal to me where to take it. It hasn't found an answer, only an echo in return - cursed like Echo were. And cursed not once but twice! In never to have the first word and that her only love qualified unrequited. I find myself in one of those echoes that find their identity only in melancholy. But I am not pained as much. Not yet. :)


Must I mention, the two pieces have as little to do with one another as two foreign lands could ever have. Except an occasional hitchhiker perhaps. :) 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a homage in waiting

That moment when you want to be honest and make a clean abreast of everything, not that you have sinned to the full but because it's time. With your givings and misgivings and everything. When you want to cease resisting and surrender.

Someone like her would never submit to a happy forever, however much she wishes her forever to be happy. She'd need to first have a fight to fight inside of her, would need to be made to bow down, would need to be ruled in order to make her love. And at the same time, she'd want all the world at her feet and that he should bring it to her and subtly so, without caring if she knows. All this in thought, HIS thought! She craves to stand in obeisance, in reverence of him, in submission to his will. Why? Because she believes that he is. And there she wants to stand silent, as if it were a secret she'd never tell him about. 'Idol' worship had always been so essential to her. But never did meet her a God.

"You told me not to lose faith. But I am. It is slipping out of my hands tonight."

Saturday, April 14, 2012

the sporadic

When your mind is cluttered it gets tough to write. And when your mind is uncluttered it gets impossible to write. I think one needs the right amount of nonsense to fill our senses to make us come up with 'words'. The case with me seems the former. I have been meaning to write much and for quite a long time..... But, let alone my wailing be.

So, first the niceties. I am doing well. Happy in my hell, as I said to a friend. Sometimes so distant from home (and i'm not talking geography here) that I know I won't return even when reach back. Some flights are for ever I guess, and I have still been a late bloomer, you'd agree. And the thought of no 'return' - it even makes me happy. 

I am working on my essay these days. "In what sense or senses is poverty a violation of human rights" - goes the question. I have been doing some reading for it but I haven't really been feeling quite there yet. I will start writing today though and I would know where to go thence.

As for the clutter, I seek some method, my madness seeks a method, a route, a chart, a rudder. It would need an anchor too, but on that later. 

I have been dreaming a lot these past few weeks. And dreaming pretty. Every person, every act is symbolic, turning me into quite an impromptu Freud as I open my eyes to the day ahead.

I got all wet last night while coming from a lecture given by Prof. Amartya Sen. It had begin to rain a little by the time I started from the lecture hall across the Thames. Walking along the Jubilee Bridge in slight rain, made me feel so free.. I was as usual, unprepared for the rain and so getting wet by now. As I climbed down the stair case towards Northumberland Avenue, I had to halt at Embankment Station for a while before I could make a dash for my building. But the rain only thickened. Tired with the the wait, I finally took off my overcoat and covered my head with it, wearing it over myself like a cape. Securing my bag and phone with my cold fingers, I went out into the rain again. I couldn't run for fear of slipping, my old worn-out boots are prone to skidding. But it felt so good. Especially because it was late at night and pelting and because I was on my own.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I run.

As always, I've been thrown out. As much as I would wish to get absorbed, as much as I would wish to wade through the puddles of reality - it tracks me down, thrashes me in the head and the other second I know not who I was. As if my time in the penseive was over and out I'm hurled. Once eddied though the convolutions of all that's happening, loneliness strikes and strikes hard. And such fear as I have never known of or imagined fills in around me, choking me. I know not who to go to. There is no one for miles around - just smiling faces, calling out to me. But I keep running, running for life and sanity. Losing my head to it all, I run.

Friday, April 6, 2012

जो मैं सोचे जाती हूँ

मैं पिघलने लगी हूँ शायद. ऐसा नहीं कि अब तक सख्त थी. पर यूं कि घुल जाने का मन करने लगा है. इतना की फर्क ही ना मालूम हो. कि मेरा आगाज़ और मेरा अंत दोनों बेमानी लगने लगे. पिघलना कुछ ऐसा भी कि मांग सकूं. बेधरक कभी माँगा नहीं मैंने. मांगने से हमेशा तो डरती रही हूँ, बड़े-बड़े शब्दों में खुद को उलझाती रही हूँ. अभी कुछ दिन पहले, बिन लफ्ज़ मैंने कुछ मांग लिया था. हो सकता है मुझे बिना बताए मेरी सिसकियों ने मेरे लिए पैरवी कि थी.

जो मिला तो अच्छा लगा था. :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


आज हिंदी/उर्दू में लिखने का मन है. काफी दिन हुए कुछ ढंग का लिखे हुए. आजकल यूं ही कुछ भी पोस्ट कर दिए जा रही हूँ, ताकि मन को तसल्ली रहे कुछ तो लिखा है मैंने. हो सकता है यूं लिखना लेखन का नहीं, मेरी नासमझी का प्रतीक हो, पर कभी-कभार नासमझी में ही सुकून है. और इसी बहाने मेरी रोजमर्रा की आदतें वगेहरा भी दर्ज हो जाया करती हैं.

कल शाम से ही पढ़ाई का भूत सवार है. बेशक मुझे पसंद भी है किताबों से घिरे रहना. कुछ देर में library के लिए रवाना हो जाउंगी. सामाजिक अधिकारों के मुद्दे पर एक निबंध लिखना है. आजकल इसी पर किताबें आदि पढ़ रही हूँ.

विषय मूलतः स्वास्थ और शिक्षा सम्बन्धी अधिकारों का है. क्या वाकई ये 'अधिकार' हैं, या लोगों कि 'ज़रूरतें'? और अगर ज़रूरतें हैं तो क्या आम आदमी हक़ रखता है इन अधिकारों को 'मांगने' का? कहीं पढ़ा कल कि हमारा संविधान हमें स्वास्थ का अधिकार तो देता है, हमारे स्वस्थ्य रहने का जिम्मा नहीं लेता. अंग्रेजी में कहूं तो "we have a right to health, not a right to be healthy". सही भी है शायद. और दिलचस्प भी.

अरसा हुआ हिंदी में कुछ अच्छा पढ़े हुए, शायद इसलिए ज़ेहन में अच्छे/सही शब्दों कि खासी कमी है. कोशिश रहेगी आगे कुछ बेहतर लिखू. जब लिखू.

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hi! Keeping on with the daily blogging routine, here I am. Up and about. Mamma had packed me some paranthas to last a few days which I just had with tea and chilly pickle. The plan for the day is to get ready and start working on the SA4D5 essay due 27 April. I plan on finishing it in five days, so I can study and have a bit of excursion in April. The weather here these days is so good here you'd not wanna be anywhere else. 

Will go for a walk up the Jubilee Bridge across the Thames towards London Eye and South Bank tonight. Also, I notice it's been so long that I posted any pics here. Will do it once I get done with the essay. Nice incentive. :)

As for the new blog skin - bear with me. Will make it more 'chic' in time.

So long!

Friday, March 30, 2012

London again

London it is again. Back to my bed. Feeling better. Much better than last night. The flight was awful. The customs even worse. But the Merc I was picked up by (just as I was looking for a ladies room to go puke) was good and the driver considerate. I came, I changed into something comfortable and slept. Have been up since 5 am today knowing not what to do. Think will go to Tesco and get some bread and milk. Sustenance food. I like being back here where my work is. 

I have decided I will keep you updated with stuff that I do, don't do, observe, ignore etc. Let's keep it simple for some days. Missed you my blog!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Up in the air

I type this from the plane. This is a delhi morning, bright at its
best. Had an uneventful flight except for the late night storm scare.
I awoke-slept through the flight, sleep, thoughts and the window 
accompanying me.
I don't know who will come to pick me up. Perhaps they have sent a car
or perhaps ma will come. I fear I will shed a tear or two as I would
see her. Something I don't want to do. And so I dont want to see her. I
know. Strange.
Im not feeling so fine. As if something is lost there. There in london.
They wil be waiting for me. And they are. My heart feels torn. A
selfish need to be taken care of and another to just hold myself in

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be there, be here

God is dead. Marx is dead. Lenin is dead. Gandhi is dead. I am alive and not feeling too well myself. — Graffiti, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. May 1983.
I feel alive again, and how! A blog did it. I stumbled upon it just now and it sent things racing in my head. As if a glimpse of that world was what I was waiting for. The last week went by in a daze. I was down with fever and low in spirit. But today is a brand new day. Reminds me of my journey for tomorrow. Delhi, once more. I came here from Delhi quite different. I will return different still. And I am curious about how I am gonna feel. Yes it has just been six months away from home, but for someone like me who can feel a feel six times more than an average person does, I think it calls for some retropection. But more on that some other time.
As for right now, I don't really know if I am looking forward to going. I certainly am looking forward to meeting people. Only if I didn't have to travel to meet them now and then. Be distant yet be reachable. Be there, be here.
These days reading Amartya Sen's Development as Freedom along with Michael Sandel's Justice..the themes are different and so is the landscape, but there is a common thread. The thread that one has to look at issues keeping a 'human' perspective..that no matter what, even if it is one person's freedom pitted against the will of majority, that one lone voice should be paid heed, even if you have to ultimately override it. And not because it would be right to do so - the paying heed. But because there is no other way. Of course, this simplistic stuff is not what these books talk about, but the more you read, the more clear things become, the easier the distinctions, the less daunting the dilemmas.
Also, received Palace of Illusions today. All set for the flight.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

no pasó nada

Everything will be fine. I will write and I'll be fine. I will read some and it shall restore what I seek so intensely right now. Nothing has 'happened'. Nothing really happens here, does it? It all falls through dark chasms, or creaks, if you like. For long I have waited for things to 'happen'. That's all what it is all about. A few more minutes and it will pass I know, for I'm keeping time. And then - a world would be saved! Perhaps this is what happens when the dust settles. Sometimes you grow so accustomed to the dust that clarity becomes a stranger in your bed. The impenetrable clarity. And takes a moment getting used to. The speck in the eye then becomes a succour, the incessant rubbing - a daily ritual - a false absolution.

रास्ते का एक काँटा, पाँव का दिल चीर देता
रक्त कि दो बूँद गिरती, एक दुनिया डूब जाती!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

a fear

Today, tomorrow or one of these days, there will be more of life in me. But right now, as I trudge my way through the cobbled streets of my mind, my boots tapping at the stones, there is a fear, an apprehension and a lone voice. That perhaps I might not recover from these notions that have found home in me. That perhaps all else that I cared for might have to give up on me. Obstinacy then might become my motto and I be it's slave for life.

I have been unable to write for long, you must have noticed. How I used to go on and on on these pages. How there used to be more to say and less to fear. Now there sits a fear unafraid, or should I call it an uneasy possibility. That my words might snap at me one day. Pierce their fangs into the fingers that tend to them and be right in doing so. They might stand upright in front of me and ask, "whither belongeth thou?" What will I ever tell them?  To whom will the cowardly me go?

In that it is bliss to have the fearlessness of a child. The blatant ignorance or waving off of reality, responsibility and consequence, even if punishment awaits at the other end. The lack of intent or purpose. The task at hand is then their world, the task in itself the incentive. But one cannot have a realisation and still be a child. It just doesn't happen that way.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I do want to talk to you. Only you would understand. I say thus in a fervent hope that you do, because if even you don't, It would confirm I am living in a vacuum, nay, a sceptic vacuum. Not even a single sound returning to my ears. I want the echo, I want it to come hit me again and again and again, even if it is hard to bear. I want some air to fill my lungs every now and then. Sometimes I tire of giving answers. I may tire, but I am relentless. Is that good or bad?

It's foolish what people take from this School or any school for that matter or brandish as if they have learned anything. It's foolish its people, it's also foolish what all these people here have learned. They need no learning. It's unlearning that signifies. Wash the sins of their bigoted thinking and then perhaps learn to read and write. Perhaps then learn how to take up the pen again and begin afresh with the alphabet.

Pardon me my misdemeanor and lack of propriety or even calm. But I must write or I just won't, yet again.

I will come back. Perhaps explain what's going on.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


life shows you much when you are single and have been for some time now - out of choice you may say, or lack of options. 

be the girl. be the 'other' girl. be the ex. be the probable. be the most probable. be the new younger one. be the new elder one. be the muse. be the derelict. be the envious. be the envied. be the recluse. you on top. the other on top. wanted. wanting. a hundred no's and a single yes.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

the two of me

There's two of me
and I can see both
so distinctly
entwined yet estranged
they are from one another.
At times
my eyes falter
and mist befalls
but there, right there
before me - this once
there's no mistaking me
the two of me

One lives by the
rush of day
and the other enlivens
at the hush of night
a cloak worn
and a cloak worn off
in the knowledge of all
and in ignorance too
there, right there
before me
the two of me