Tuesday, January 17, 2012

tonight i shall write

tonight I shall write
and even though there is nothing no more
I shall write and believe you hear it
tonight I shall word
the letters I had wrote, and
the poems for you
that I forced rhyme!

and when I do that
I shall relive your touch
on my slender shoulder
bare, ever since you caressed it

tonight I shall write of those long lost evenings,
of your fingers running though the strands in my hair
and of my nights spent by your chest,
even as you were to be years away

there are, there were, and there will be morrows
more and more till I ache no more
but tonight I shall not restrain
tonight I shall go weak
and not be afraid
not be afraid

(i recall now that there is an uncanny similarity with neruda in the first line.. but i must mention that the same came as a surprise to me. the reason why i am still posting.)