Sunday, September 25, 2011

runway and thereafter

Reached London at 1730 hrs British Standard Time on 22nd September 2011.

There was so much going on in my mind in the cab.. a thousand thoughts, a tired body, a quite calm happiness and a twinge of the blues .. So, here I was, typing away on my cellphone, looking around and then typing.. happy, excited, intrigued, wide-eyed and on the lookout for a familiar face, familiar smile or a familiar touch..

As the aircraft touched the tarmac an hour back, I held on to the armrest, tight and secured, and closed my eyes. Let the 'thud' hit me hard perhaps. The first glimpse of England turf freshened my airborne mind. I am in the cab now; on way to Northumberland Hall - which is going to be my residence now. 

Finally, I've made it this far. This is a city that's breathing, talking, dining, travelling, shopping around me and I am definitely an outsider taking her first peek. I feel low actually! Sinking! Overwhelmed. That's the word I would ascribe to this feeling. LSE, London, England. Feels so close now, yet so.. as if my eyes are not enough to perceive. Wonder if I would get lost in the crowd - a part of me wishes it does! It is a bit chilly and I am wearing just a light tee, but am warm inside. My friend in the cab is taking pics out of her window- I word my thoughts instead.

Enough! I want the cab to reach the hall now. Just wanna get inside a warm bed. And a blanket. but before that want to wash my feet with some hot water.

Feels like a paper boat - drifting, flowing, floating, swaying.. the stream is gushing ahead of me, with me.. I am holding on! Holding on! Living every bit of it! 

More to come. Watch this space for pics and posts.