Monday, October 10, 2016


Nana ji. I never called him Nana, it was always Nana ji, Nani ji et al. Though I always wondered how it would be having an informal relationship with a grandparent. Same as I often wondered as a kid how it would be to have an informal relationship with my father. Nana ji is no more. And I do have a more informal relationship with Papa now. 

Someone sent Nana ji's pic to the family group today. Looking at him so many memories of childhood came rushing in. Memories I had long put a lid on. Memories which quintessentially involve an estranged cousin/brother/bestfriend. Memories which involve delicious simple meals that we would have sitting on a carpet on the floor along with other cousins. That involve teasing elder sisters, cheating younger cousins at games and the like. Stuff that makes for a great childhood. Oh yes, and amras, bhindi ki sabzi (okra) and roti (Indian bread). And when it would be too hot- it would be aam panna and a Rajasthani fruit which I think is called kaachra.