Wednesday, July 2, 2014

:) It is fine now. Like an idiot I stood outside, tears trickling down my face. I had arrived at 9 actually, and I read and waited till 9:45. It was then when I enquired about you that I was told that you were not in. And it dawned on me that all those people were not there for you at all. One by one everyone left and I couldn't bear sitting there any longer. Would you believe me if I were to say I felt you abandoned me? (Now I am laughing at it.)

But then you had me at "Bachey, I am stuck". I was still crying but I was reassured.


Last evening I went to Prithvi theatre with a guy friend. I had already been feeling a little jittery in the legs, soon my heart was beating very hard and without telling him I ran to the bathroom, trying to calm down. I came out and we immediately left the place. Walked to Juhu beach and sat there. The cool breeze did me good and we parted ways.


Can we meet soon? I do not want to leave without meeting.