Wednesday, August 8, 2012

taming the fingers

It is one of those times when I can't contain my self. Have been having a conversation with my sister (in my own mind) since last night, but haven't been able to really talk to her. Parents flying to Dubai today to visit other sis. I am kinda liking it. They'd meet her, see around UAE and have a work-free vacation, God knows they never tire. 

Coming back to me - I can't contain myself.. or the excitement. Have thought a lot about 'what after LLM?' and now that after much research some avenues have opened up - i think it would be quite interesting once I am out of this place - of course, given that things go my way. There are many plans, if only I am able to execute them well.

I resist writing anything personal, just waiting for the next big change and then I will be better. I would be in a place to do what I want without any self-imposed obligations..even if it were to go drown my head. :) love you!