Saturday, April 30, 2016


I return after a long hiatus. Time I needed to gather myself and my thoughts. Time I needed to come back from the self-inflicted purgatory, as it were. I intend to write more, though how much I am actually able to write is unbeknownst even to me. For writing doesn't come easy to me now. But try one must. 

I often deliberate how important it is for one to be honest to one's writing. I started off as a firm believer that every word that one writes is reflective of one's integrity. My previous posts are a testament to that, however cryptic the posts might have been. My brief departure from here has given me some time to ponder. And it has humbled me. It has taught me that writing for writings sake is as important as breathing for the sake of living. Till the time 'it' is coming to you, you must write. The day you find yourself at a loss of words, quite literally, could just be round the corner. 

This post here is partly an effort in that. 

PS: I got married last month.