Wednesday, January 25, 2012

why religion is a good thing

Funny thing happened. Subah se had had nothing to eat. So, first I went from library to eat Hare Krishna meal, hoping there would still be some food left. There is a guy who peddles in with a cart full of hot food for us every day at 1. In no time a queue is formed and students from all over the world join in and thank the Lord for such hot free food in such cold and costly London. They serve world's most bland but hot (I emphasize) and holistic platter. Today it was plain white rice and lentil soup in a disposable white paper plate with a disposable little spoon. I felt nice that I was from the land of Hare Krishna, boiled white rice and lentils. Basking thus in what was a reminder of my Hindu origins, I walked on towards Houghton Street to get me some coffee.

As I was counting change (60pence) while also keenly admiring my image in the glass-door of a building, I saw a stall which read "Christian Union". My gaze soon fell on to their banner on which was wrote in big bold letters "FREE coffee/ tea!". Though reluctant at first (as I usually get when I see free stuff), I realised I needed that coffee bad. Not to mention I had not brought me any cash today except the 60p. And so there I went towards the stall, suddenly feeling as Christian as it could get. Got me a cuppa Christian coffee with a Christian cookie to boot, while discussing with the girl at the stall my experience of attending mid-night mass on Christmas eve at St Pauls and suppressing my giggle on their event titled "Which sort of people go to heaven". 

Moral of the Story: God does come to the rescue of His hungry children. No, really. Thank the Lord for today.
Moral of the Story II: The more the God, the more the religions, the more the free food and coffee, the more the people survive, the better it gets.

Spinning an honest yarn

"The more despicable she found her life, the more romantic her poetry became. Perhaps it was a way to soothe her wretched nerves. Perhaps a need to express even in the absence of a muse.

In obscure words she asked him if she would forget him. This was even before she had really embraced him. And fool that he was he said, "yes", not knowing what he said. But she loved fools. Always had. Fools to her were those who thought not of saving themselves when listening to their hearts, fools were those who plunged into the unknown and the known alike and more often than not broke their limbs. But then there is a swagger in their limp. Like crazy men they went about with 'ideas' on their minds and therefore fools to her were rare and fools to her were courageous. He was not a fool - this she had known since long. But this act of his was that of a fool and she smiled at his foolness. No, not foolishness. She had no patience with the foolish, the dumb and the slow."


Perhaps you can only like music and love words or love music and only like words. You cannot love both. If one has to be a lover of these two ideas at all - one is either born to be an ardent lover of music or an ardent lover of words. But not both. You'd know the risk in both. You'd know how both can mislead. But you'd have made that choice, subconsciously perhaps, or it may be that your choice would have already chosen you.


"These days my mind closes itself at my will. This never happened before. But the more people I meet with who I cannot Talk, the more closure I get. I come down a ladder or two from who I am and then simply 'deceive'"


What if you meet your extra-marital lover even before you've met the one you'd marry? 


There are times when I can observe the orbit of my own growth (or degeneration, as it were). At times I am removed from the scene. I hate to use the word, but yes,  futuristically. I haven't yet reached there, but I know which binds will be broken and which I would stop caring about. Already a lot seems unfastened. I sit on the edge of my seat and watch.


The window to my life
It was open so long
the passion that you fanned 
burned cinders for long. 

Winds gushed in 
and storms moved out
But nothing changed
And nothing will