Monday, January 9, 2017

Write write write!

I'm actually really feeling as if my feet are dipped in sweet honey and my head being gently massaged. My mind engrossed in words and my heart is light and warm. And I have realised that I am really alright when I want to write. Since morning there is a urge in me. To write. To again put word to paper. To scribble. So much so that I made two lists today, as I always do. A list with things to do and another with things done. You would smile as I say this, but every time I would tick something off my to do list, I would jot it down in the things done list. Just to write, actually write. 

And so here I am. Back to you. 

Even in the morning I wrote on way to work. Mostly on the cellphone. Something must be happening right. :)

Today on way to work I did one other thing. I fast read a book. An entire book. Not a super thin one either. I fast read it, employing fair bit of mind to it so much so that I was able to brief P on it. Some parts needed to be used for a case he was to appear in today. 

This brings me to my work. These past few weeks were not as satisfying but today was exceptional. I feel more enthusiasm more optimism more hope breathed into my work and my day. I was able to accomplish much and as usual felt great thereafter. The end of the day was great to when PB handed me over a box of cake. Like a child I beamed. P had a hearty laugh looking at me. 

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